For Sale

Below are items we currently have for sale:

     3 Floor Floating Bar/Pub Barge – REGALIA
3Floor Floating Bar/Pub Barge - REGALIA

Vessel Type: Floating Bar Barge
Builder: unknown
Model: Bar
Length Overall: 33′
Hull Material: Steel
Status: Available
Price: GBP £80,000  |
Location: Greenwich London


The former Regalia – London was previously moored at London Bridge and in use since the 1980s as a luxury bar open to both the public and for hire for events etc.

The barge has been laid up since around 2009 but the interior and all its contents are unchanged and still as they were prior to 2009.

The top deck is an open deck with 1 bar and wooden flooring and 8 wooden benches. The top deck bar has roll down canvas awning surrounding it as a wind break, however some of these are torn due to strong winds and would need replacing.

The middle deck features 2 TV’s , a balcony overlooking the lower floor , two offices , toilets and 1 bar.

The lower deck features seating area, 1 bar and disco wooden dance floor as well as a kitchen at the aft end. Steps connect all 3 floors allowing guests to walk between each floor.

The barge itself has some damage to the portside rubbing band and certain areas of steel work would need to be replaced as well as some of the windows which have been broken.

However, in the right hands, this could be turned into a proud floating bar once again and certainly far cheaper than building one from scratch! Everything you need is already in place, all that is needed is some renovation and repairs.

This is a brilliant opportunity and in the right location this bar could become a brilliant money earner!



SIR AUBREY – 23m Thames Tug – No Engine

SIR AUBREY - 23m Thames Tug - No Engine

Vessel Type: Thames Tug
Builder: Richard Dunston,Thorne
Year: 1962
Length Overall: 22.25m
Hull Material: Steel
Status: Available
Price: GBP £8,000  (*REDUCED*)
Location: Greenhithe London UK

Built in 1962 by Richard Dunston at Thorne for use in ther lighterage industry on the River Thames

The tugs engine was removed this year and this in turn has created a large open space that could be used to either fit another engine or turn the vessel into a spacious live-aboard.

A small section of the aft bulwarks were removed in 2011 and were due to be replaced with new steel (however currently still removed as seen in the photo)

Currently moored in Greenhithe,Kent

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